Frequently Asked Questions

What about my kids?
We know that as a parent you to need be sure that your children are in a SAFE learning environment. And we know that your children are looking for a FUN place to learn. We want to make sure that both of these goals are reached. During our weekend service, we offer care and programs for your infants all the way up to 8th grade.
What should I wear?
We’re more concerned with meeting your real life needs than with what you wear. So, dress casually and you’ll fit right in.
What should I expect at church?
Our services last for about 60 minutes. Our worship begins with 4-5 tunes each week and the words will be on the media screen so feel free to sing or read along and enjoy the music. Please know that we will never single you out, or embarrass you in any way. We want you to feel comfortable enough to connect with the personal hope and practical help that God offers us.
Kid’s MinistryAt The Refinery Church, kids matter!

  • Fun- Filled Programs- Each weekend, we offer high energy age-appropriate programs that consists of songs, games, and creative teaching.
  • Designed For Parents And Kids – The children’s classes meet at the same time as the adult service, and are designed for all children ages infant through 8th Grade. So while you are experiencing the life-changing worship at The Refinery Church, your children are experiencing it as well.
  • Safety- The Refinery strives to provide a safe, fun place for your child to learn about God at the weekend service. Here are some of the steps we take:
…We conduct background checks on all volunteers who work with children
…We provide pagers for the parents of infants and stickers with corresponding numbers for the children and adults to ensure that only an authorized person is picking up the child
…Rooms are staffed with volunteers and assistants
…Classrooms are open to viewing at anytime by a parent
…We ensure that all rooms and bathrooms are clean and sanitary.